It's Only Fair.

Most Philadelphia residents do the responsible thing: they pay their taxes or ask for help when they can't.  But there are thousands of people who choose not to pay and they get away with it.  And that is just not fair.

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On February 7th, we introduced resolutions that authorized the Committee of the Whole to hold a series of hearings on the issue of real estate tax delinquency.  Each hearing will cover broad topics or a specific category or type of delinquent account.  The purpose of these hearings is to ensure that we, as members of Council, have access to relevant data and information about real estate tax delinquency; have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the processes and procedures used by the Administration and Sheriff’s Office address delinquency both on an individual tax-payer level and on a city-wide level; have a forum to analyze and provide constructive feedback about this problem and the overall fairness of the relevant system and processes; and can adequately communicate accurate and balanced information back to the citizens we were elected to represent.  In addition, we are going to take an in-depth look at Mayor Nutter’s recently announced efforts to increase the collection delinquent taxes.

Do you have a question about property tax delinquency?  Do you want to know more about ?  Submit your question here and we will make sure to get you the answers you deserve.  Answers to all of the questions asked during the hearings will be posted on this site.

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